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Industrial Mixing Products

Storage Tanks  


Uzkur Metal designs and manufactures storage tanks to store materials that will be used in  processes or finished and semi-finished products in form of liquid, powder, granulate  according to specifications of customer. 



  • Capacities from 5 L up to 30,000 L. 

  • Vertical / Horizantal Tanks

  • Anti explosion design

  • Operation temperature up to 240° C

  • AISI 304 / 316 Stainless Steel as construction materials

  • Hygienic design / Easy to clean

  • Minimum cost 

  • Easy maintenance 



  • Heating / Cooling by double jacket or half-pipe coils  (heating via water, oil or steam)

  • Thermal insulated outer surface  

  • Pressure safety valves / sampling valves

  • Polished internal surface / outer surface 

  • Weighting systems 

  • Mobile version is available



  • Food industry

  • Pharmaceuticals, 

  • Cosmetics and Consumer Products

  • Chemicals

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