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Industrial Mixers and Equipments

Food Industry

The food industry is governed by highly strict quality and hygiene regulations. Uz-kur Metal  designs eliminate any risk of contamination, while providing effective mixing solutions. The company's stainless steel storage and mixing systems shows experience in the manufacturing of food processing systems.

Uz-kur Metal  have a wide range of mixers available which are ideal for food applications


High pressure and temperature environments must be considered in chemical processes. Additionally, corrosive and aggresive substances are important parameters of design. Uz-kur Metal  designs safe and reliable products for any extreme condition. It ensures safety under explosive conditions. Uz-kur Metal also designs and manufactures stainless steel storage tanks, reactors, mixing tanks and pressure tanks for the chemical industry. Other important parameters of the company's designs are maximum run times and low-maintenance.


Cosmetics and Consumer Products

Production of cosmetics and consumer products do need hygienic mixers, storage tanks and equipments.

Uz-kur Metal  products meet the desired standards. For applications such as shampoos, lotions, creams, liquid soaps, detergents and bleach. Uz-kur Metal  solutions will perfect fit for your applications. 



Efficient mixing and hygienic design are also fundamental concern in the production of pharmaceuticals. Uz-kur Metal's sterilized mixing, agitating and storage systems satisfy pharmaceutical standards. It offer low maintenance, cost effective systems that feature optimum cleaning possibilities.

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