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Industrial Mixing Products

Hygienic Piping / Orbital Welding

Hygiene can be defined as “all necessary measures to produce safe and healthy food. Any means to prevent contamination, decontaminate food (such as pasteurisation) and measures to improve wholesomeness and fitness for consumption are considered to be part of the hygiene concept.” (Lelieveld, Mastert and Holah, 2005 Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry,) Therefore, The food and pharma industries is governed by highly strict quality and hygiene regulations. It is essential to eliminate foodborne illnesses.

Mixing and transporting of products in a sanitary environment is our profession. Transportation of products (food ,pharma etc)  in a tube  can be called either sanitary or hygienic piping.

Term hygienic piping refers to sterile, and anti contaminant piping system for food, pharma, dairy products. Good hygienic design must deliver no additional contamination of the product, chemically, physically or microbiologically. Since the product must be protected from microbial or other contamination, surface contacts must be smooth and non-porous. This can only be achieved by having an experienced team and advanced welding equipments. We provide the best quality with best prices.


  • ORBİTEC® orbital welding equipments

  • Certified welding operators (EN ISO 9606-1) 

  • Quality pipes and fittings

  • maximum cleaning effectiveness

  • reduced costs for cleaning

  • Fewest possible components with a good future enabled pipe layout

  • No weld defects such as penetration, root and pore or the like.

  • No discoloration thanks to correct gas protection

  • Nice uniform weld

  • smooth weld without burrs, crevices and the like

  • Corrosion-free stabile weld

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