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Industrial Mixing Products

Rotary Conical Mixer / UKTMC


Rotary conical mixer contains a rotating double cone tumbler in which free flowing dry powders and solids efficiently mixed. Mixing is achieved by random motion by particles roll down a sloping surface. It is also known as double cone mixer or biconic mixer. 



  • Capacities from 5 L up to 2,000 L.  (see also Pilot Mixers page for Labs and R&D studies)

  • Mixing very quickly (max.10 minutes)  

  • 100% uniform mixing

  • Rapid and fully discharge

  • AISI 304 / 316 Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel as construction materials

  • Efficient solutions for pressure-sensitive, temperature sensitive and fragile materials

  • Used for dry powders and granular products

  • Easy to clean

  • Minimum cost 

  • Easy maintenance 



  • Heating / Cooling by double jacket or half-pipe coils  

  • Thermal insulated outer surface  

  • Polished internal surface / outer surface 

  • Weighting systems 

  • Evenly distributed liquid addition via spray component

  • Automatic / Manuel discharge 

  • Conveying system in order to load product



  • Food industry    

    • Additives                    

    • Bakery ingredients          

    • Milk powder 

    • Flour and starches

    • Powdered drink mix        

    • Instant soup ingredients     

    • Baby Food   

    • Premix Deserts

    • Spices

    • Instant coffees ( 3in1 / 2in1)

    • Pet food etc.

  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

    • Additives

    • Polymers

    • Colorants

    • Powder minerals

    • Preservatives etc.

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